A lizardlike humanoid stands with their back to the street, wearing a hoodie that says 'ATTITUDE' on the back, leggings, and trainers. Scaly legs are visible, and a tail curls out from under the hoodie. They stand in front of a display of TVs, all displaying wanted posters with the face of a lizard girl with chinlength black hair.

Villainous TP

  • £13.99

Tilly, one of the newest super-powered humans to join the Coalition of Heroes, is doing her best to navigate the dizzying world of super-heroes.

Working with her idols should be a dream come true, but when she learns the truth, Tilly's dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Now, Tilly has to make a choice - Get in line and stand with her heroes, or take a stand and risk becoming something more... Villainous.

Collects issues #1-5.