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Robin's Nest Comics

The Exterminators: Bug Brothers

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Henry James is an ex-con trying to make a new life for himself - as an exterminator for his stepfather's firm, Bug-Bee-Gone. But Henry's new job is a little strange...For a start, there's his crew: AJ, a psychotic addict; Stretch, whose Zen speeches mask a dangerous intellect; Saloth, the mysterious researcher - and a whole bunch of other freaks and misfits. There's the cockroach poison, Draxx, which isn't what it seems. And behind the walls of America, something terrifying is hatching! Written by newcomer Simon Oliver, with art by Tony Moore ("Fear Agent", "The Walking Dead"), once you've experienced this shocking and disturbing new series, you'll never look at insects the same way again! This book is for adults only.

Product Attributes: Genre: Thriller, Publisher: Titan