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The Death Of Superman HC

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THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN Originally published 1993. 

Featuring one of the best-selling comic book titles of all time, Superman #75, ‘The Death of Superman’ sees DC Comics’ greatest hero fighting against a seemingly unstoppable foe on the streets of his beloved Metropolis. The enemy, a force of nature nicknamed Doomsday, has escaped from his underground cell and smashed his way through the Justice League for a final encounter with the only hero on Earth capable of halting his rampage. ‘The Death of Superman’ drew massive media attention on its initial publication and continues to make an impact with its shocking denouement.

SUPERMAN #21 Originally published in March 1943. 

This Golden-Age adventure, ‘The Ghost of Superman’, from his creators, Siegel and Shuster, tells of the Man of Steel’s first ‘death’, and the affect it had on both his friends and the criminal fraternity.