Three ladies lean on top of a black convertible car at sunset, palm trees visible behind them. One has short dark hair, and a sword tattooed on her arm. She is wearing a white crop top, orange minishorts, and angular sunglasses. The middle woman has long red wavy hair and is wearing sungleasses and a frilly orange top. The third woman is Black with a large afro ponytail wrapped in a ribbon. She is wearing glasses and a long-sleeved t-shirt with a rainbow on the front.

Spell On Wheels: Just To Get To You TP

  • £17.99

The trio of Witches from Spell on Wheels return in this follow-up cross country collection!

The witches Andy, Claire, and Jolene find themselves back on the road traveling across the American Southwest when a mysterious dark force possesses Claire. Spells and confessions fly as the group confronts phantoms, cryptids, and personal drama.

As they make their way along the I-10 toward the elusive presence possessing Claire, they discover you can't go home again, not really, and they're running out of time.