Four young men in comically oversized clothes run up a hill made of zig-zag carpet. On the left is a Black man in brightly coloured streetwear. Leading the way is a man with light-brown skin in a teal suit. Behind them are a large white man with blond hair wearing blue overalls, and a tan-skinned man with shoulderlength mauve hair and a goatee, who is wearing sunglasses and a purple waistcoat and carrying a keyboard.

Smoove City GN

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Ray, Ronnie, Vinnie, and Mikey (A.K.A. Smoove City) are four besties dreaming of boy band stardom. At the mall food court, there's lots of time for daydreaming. But all that changes when they finally scrape up enough money to record a demo tape - one they're sure will land them a big-time record deal.

Instead, their demo tape swerves them into a very un-smooth world of shady managers, smelly tour buses, and a huge misunderstanding that transforms them from unknown wannabes to pop star outlaws overnight. Their dream is finally coming true... But it could cost them a lot more than a slice of food court pizza.

Deeply inspired by the music and culture of New Jack Swing, Smoove City is a funny and heartfelt story about fame, friendship, and why all that glitters ain't double platinum.