A redheaded person with a stylised skull superimposed over their face wears a sci-fi exosuit with a clear-fronted helmet. The backgrounds is a vaguely art deco style, with panels showing a skull-masked person shooting a beam from a large gun, a spaceship, a woman with a line of paint down her face smirking, and a lizardlike humanoid, all in muted greens and yellows.

She At The Tower Of All That Is Known HC

  • £26.99

After burying her only daughter, the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy discovers her next job will jeopardize the only thing She has left - her secrets. 

She: At the Tower of All That Is Known is a brutal, action-packed, large-format foil-enhanced die-cut hardcover sci-fi graphic novella about by acclaimed writer Ryan K. Lindsay (Eternal) and artist Chris Panda. 

She is perfect for fans of action packed, heart-infused, high-concept sci-fi like East of WestBlack Science, and Saga.