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Robin's Nest Comics

Niobe: She Is Life TP

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Niobe: She is Life collects the 4 issue comic series written by creator Sebastian A. Jones and actress Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games) and illustrated by Ashley A. Woods. Niobe Ayutami. Half human, half elf. Half Ujoan, half Isintarrian. Half goddess, half devil. Niobe is a child of prophecy. Destined to be a queen and on the run since birth, Niobe was first introduced in The Untamed: A Sinner's Prayer. Now a teenager and out on her own for the first time, Niobe must find her way in a world that wants her dead. After fleeing the vampire lord, Essessa, Niobe arrives at the sacred elven grounds of her ancestors, but she finds no welcome from her kind. She does, however, meet a fellow outcast in a half orc boy who is accused of murder. But Niobe's quest to prove his innocence may expose her own past sins. Niobe: She is Life is a beauty and the beast love story threaded with murder and mystery that leads to all out war with the fate of Asunda hanging in the balance.

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