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Marvel's Avengers (GamerVerse): Road To A-Day TP

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Before you play the video game, get to know the heroes of MARVEL'S AVENGERS] The stage is set with all-new stories leading directly into the events of the highly anticipated game - featuring all your favourite heroes!

Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and Hulk are the Avengers, but when the Lethal Legion strikes, it's going to take more than their usual teamwork to save the day] When Tony Stark discovers his enemies have co-opted his technology for nefarious purposes, it's up to him to stop the leak. But can his teammates be trusted - or is something more sinister at play? And can Captain Marvel help set things right?

Avengers Assemble] Collecting: Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man (2019) 1, Marvel's Avengers: Thor (2020) 1, Marvel's Avengers: Captain America (2020) 1, Marvel's Avengers: Hulk (2020) 1, Marvel's Avengers: Black Widow (2020) 1