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Robin's Nest Comics

Infinity Inc. v.1: Luthor's Monsters TP

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Given superpowers by Lex Luthor's "Everyman" program, the teenagers of Infinity, Inc. thought they were equal to anything - until their powers were stripped from them!

Now, in the aftermath of Luthor's experiment, John Henry Irons - the hero formerly known as Steel - has gathered the survivors of the Everyman program in an attempt to give their lives new purpose and meaning.

But the psychological damage already suffered by the new team is only the start of their problems, as another Everyman alumnus - the psychic vampire, "Kid Empty" - gets Infinity, Inc. in his sights! Acclaimed author Peter Milligan (Skreemer) and artist Max Fiumara (Blackgas) bring a new depth of psychological insight - as well as slam-bang action - to superheroics!