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Robin's Nest Comics

Dusu: Path Of The Ancient TP

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Dusu: Path of the Ancient collects the 4 issue series written by creator Sebastian A. Jones and Christopher Garner and illustrated by James C. Webster.

Hidden from his kin and sheltered from his future, a man is raised in a world where he does not belong. Dusu is a human adopted by Galemren wild elves who come to find that he is not human at all. He is on the Path to something more... for within him resides the spirit and the heart of the cougar. He is an Ancient, a being blessed by the god Powisienne with dominion over one animal species.

But when the Ancient of the wolf hunts down the young cub, an epic struggle begins. To save the tribe that adopted him and the woman he loves, Dusu must unleash the beast within and give in to a savage hunger that yearns to be fed. But in doing so, he may lose them forever, because his is an appetite that may never be sated.

Product Attributes: Genre: Fantasy, Publisher: Other