In shades of blue and black, a number of images are presented: a ferry, a sweating man, a lit lamppost at night, a shirtless drunk outside, the Devil tarot card, and a woman being made up by multiple hands while she holds up a phone with a new notification.

Desperate Pleasures GN

  • £14.99

In M.S. Harkness' second graphic novel, she weaves in and out of non-relationships, drug dealing, and sex work with the subtlety of a blunt axe. She's constantly searching for care and fulfillment, but never quite gets it right. 

Desperate Pleasures is a fearless autobiographical account that contextualizes the inter-relational difficulties of a young woman with years of trauma and abuse.

Uncomfortably close-up, filled with dark humor, this is an unrelenting read and M.S. Harkness' best work to date.