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Robin's Nest Comics

Confessions Of A Blabbermouth TP (DAMAGED)

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 Written by Mike Carey & Louise Carey Art and cover by Aaron Alexovich

When Tasha’s mom brings home an annoying hack novelist boyfriend, Jed, and his deadpan daughter, her dysfunctional family is headed for a complete mental meltdown. But Tasha has her blog, BLABBERMOUTH, as the ultimate weapon ― and she's not afraid to use it. Especially when she starts to suspect that the obnoxious Jed has a guilty secret that goes far beyond his bad prose. 

Mike Carey (LUCIFER, Hellblazer, Crossing Midnight, RE-GIFTERS) teams with co-writer Louise Carey, his 15-year-old daughter, who has written the Diary of a London Schoolgirl for the website of the London Metropolitan Archive and the novel-in-progress Bethany's Words. Aaron Alexovich contributed character designs to Nickelodeon's Invader Zim and Avatar: The Last Airbender. His first published work was the critically lauded witch tale Serenity Rose for Slave Labor Graphics. Next up he is writing and drawing the MINX book, Kimmie66. All MINX books contain 176 pages, black and white interiors with graytones and color covers. Each title also includes previews for three other MINX books as a special bonus.

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