Silhouetted against the full moon, there are two young women - one Black with an afro and holding a camera, the other light-skinned with straight blue hair and holding her hand up to her face as she squints into the distance. Below them in the foreground is the top half of the head of a green troll-like creature with horns.

By Night TP v.1

  • £10.99

Aspiring documentarian (and actual Chemistry major) Jane has recently reunited with her former best friend Heather, amateur urban explorer. They fall easily into their old roles, with Jane as the cautious voice of reason, Heather as the bold, adventurous leader.

When a trip into an abandoned industrial building leads them to another world, a plan begins to unfold-create a documentary about the world and become filthy, filthy rich. The other side of the portal is filled with monsters, magic and a chance for a whole new life. All they have to do is step through...

Eisner-Award winning author John Allison (Giant Days) and artist Christine Larsen (Adventure Time) join forces for a story about coming home, discovering identity, and accidently smashing a hole to another dimension. Collects issues #1-4.