Four cartoon people in costume stand interacting with each other. One the right, a man wears a labcoat and a spiky blue wig. Next to him, a ginger in a t-shirt and backpack points at him with a smile. A short man with greying hair wears red-tinted glasses, his skin painted blue. He is in a large sci-fi suit with a clear dome over his head. Grinning next to him is a tan-skinned lady dressed in red and black. Her blond hair is in pigtails with the ends dyed blue and red.

Being A Cosplayer SC

  • £12.99

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of cosplay. This book is all about the strange encounters, the awkward situations, and the funny moments that cosplayers go through.

From being recognised as the wrong character to making new cosplays (despite having six unfinished ones in the closet... oops!) there is a comic in here that your cosplay-self will relate to!