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Robin's Nest Comics

200 GN

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It's Eva Thorne's 200th birthday. But it's not a celebration, more like a funeral. Eva lives in a world where the Cure for aging and illness has been discovered and administered to every person on Earth, only there's one big hitch. It turns out that very few people can handle immortality, so they have to take a test on their two hundredth birthday. If they pass, then they get to live forever. But if they fail, they must be euthanized. Eva's not an optimist. In fact, she's pretty sure that she's going to fail. Who wants to live forever if you have to do it alone?

Owen was her husband for over 170 years. He was her soul mate, her reason to live. But on the way to the testing room, Eva glimpses a staffer who resembles her husband. Shocked and confused, Eva must find out the truth about what really happened to him. She must escape from the testing facility with Owen in tow and find out if her husband passed his test - and what he's been doing for the past six months. With the Escorts hunting her down, Eva discovers that when you pass your test, you must leave your old life behind. Now, she must find a way to make the man who was once her husband remember their life together, or lose him forever to his new immortal existence.