From January, we'll be changing things...

Starting January 2020, we'll be dropping 'floppy' comics except for new series and pre-orders.
What does this mean? 

Most comics are published in single, 'floppy' format once a month, and then collected into trade paperback volumes at the end of an arc. For a lot of readers, coming to their local comic store on a Wednesday (new comic book delivery day) is a precious ritual, and one we've fought to keep.

Unfortunately, Brexit has caused our suppliers to hike their prices too high for us to keep up with the risk, especially considering how many floppies get left on the shelves. Unlike magazines, most comics aren't sold on a sale or return basis, and must be ordered two months ahead of release date, meaning comic stores have to guess wildly at what will sell, and exactly how many copies, and take the financial hit when they get it wrong.

What about my pull list? 

We'll still be ordering comics in, so if you have a subscription/pull list, nothing will change for you! We do recommend getting in touch to double-check what's on your list, in case you want to add or remove anything. 
If you don't have a pull list, it's easy to set one up - just get in touch! We'll need contact details and a list of the titles you'd like to subscribe to, and that's pretty much it! We also post comics at cost price if you aren't local to the store. 
So there won't be any new comics on the shelves? 

Not quite. We'll still be purchasing a selection of first issues, to give people the chance to find something new. If you try it and like it, we can put it on subscription for you! We'll also be lowering our prices to encourage that - a $3.99 issue will drop to £2.99 from January onwards. 

We'll also be putting the money we would have used on extra comic stock to purchase more graphic novels and trade paperbacks. We'll make sure there's still plenty to read and discover!

But wait, there's more! 
As well as dropping the price for buying first issues, we'll be giving them away FREE when you buy any graphic novel or trade paperback volume. You'll be able to choose any #1 comic for each qualifying purchase you make (buying two graphic novels? That's two free comics!), so each time you invest in something you like, you can take a risk on something new, completely free! 

So what are the new prices going forward? 

From January, our new comic prices are as follows: 
$2.99 - £2.19
$3.99 - £2.99 
$4.99 - £3.79 
$5.99 - £4.49
$6.99 - £5.19
$7.99 - £5.79
$8.99 - £6.59
$9.99 - £7.29

Yes, we will have signs in-store. No, we will not make you do maths. 

We will be dropping our previous multi-buy discounts (buy 5, get 10% off, etc.) as our new prices will be even lower than the prices that the highest discount would previously have gotten you.

Loyalty card discounts are still in play, for comics and everything else!

How will I know what's coming out in time to order? 

Each month, we get huge hefty Previews catalogues delivered to the store. You can have a browse through them, and even take them home (though if you return them to the store when you're finished so that other people can use them, even better).

Alternatively, there's an online version available at

We also usually have a stack of Comic Shop News newsletters, which detail what's coming out soon.

What about before January?

Until January 1st, everything carries on as normal! We're giving advanced warning because, as mentioned before, we have to order two months in advance, and that means any new subscribers for January need to be put on the system in November (later is possible, but it's far smoother to do things by the deadline). 

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