COVID-19 Update

A few updates: 

1) We are now processing and posting orders, however we are doing so at a much slower rate than usual. In order to reduce contact, we are posting around once a week. 

2) We are in the process of updating our site to include in-store items that are not yet online, including our TTRPG books and the remainder of our board games. This is a lengthy endeavour, so please bear with us! If there is a specific item you are after, please get in touch. Even if we don't have it in stock, some of our suppliers are now moving again. 

3) Our main comics supplier, Diamond, is slowly resuming comics deliveries. The target at the moment is to have new comics deliveries once a fortnight. We will also be able to place backorders. 

4) While we can get some graphic novels from Diamond, all of our other suppliers are not currently processing, which means older and harder to find stock is all but impossible to get hold of at the minute. 

5) Our main supplier for board games and TTRPG stuff is functioning, so those orders should be no problem! 

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