A beaming girl with long white hair floats in the air, wearing a white and blue wave-patterned kimono under a red robe. Her hair fades off into a squiggly wave, implying that she is a ghost.

Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs v.1

  • £11.99

Homeless and haunted by ghosts, high schooler Kogarashi thinks his luck has finally turned when he finds Yuragi-sou, a cheap boarding house that was formerly a hot springs inn, now full of super-sexy, scantily-clad female tenants. If Kogarashi can use his spirit abilities to banish the ghost that haunts the inn, he can even live there rent-free!

But when the ghost, a beautiful teenage girl named Yuuna, appears before him, Kogarashi takes pity on her and is suddenly not so sure about the exorcism. Will he help save Yuuna from becoming an evil spirit? And what supernatural secrets do the other boarders hold?