A boy with sea blue hair and pointed ears glances back over his shoulder, looking determined. In front of him are a large young man with short hair, a frowning young man with brown skin and dark afro hair in an undercut, and a Black young woman in overalls, her hair held back with a green bandana. The group are approaching a sewer with glowing green water. An ominous figure with a large sword and a bandaged face looms over them all.

Wynd HC

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A Comic Book Shop Exclusive Hardcover Edition!

* Wynd lives a quiet life in Pipetown - working at the local tavern, out of sight in the secret rooms beneath the floorboards, often stealing away to catch glimpses of the son of the castle's groundskeeper as he works.

* But Wynd also has a secret... magical blood betrayed by his pointed ears, forbidden within the city limits.

* Joined by his best friend Oakley and Thorn, the groundskeeper's son, Wynd's strange dreams and an encounter with the city guard send him on the most dangerous adventure he could imagine, where Wynd will discover the magic in the world around him and, most importantly, the magic within himself.

* Collects Wynd #1-5.