Two cartoonish but humanoid cats stand in front of tall tomato plants, tongues poking out as one of them tastes from a spoon. Everything is drawn in dark green with natural whites against a light brown background.

Umma's Table GN

  • £27.99

Madang is an artist and new father who moves to a quiet home in the countryside, excited to build a new life with his family. But soon his attention is diverted back to his impoverished parents back in Seoul in a dingy basement apartment.

With an ailing mother and an alcoholic father, Madang struggles to overcome the exhaustion of trying to be everything: a good son, devoted father, and loving husband. To cope, he reminisces about their family meals together and his mother's kimchi, a traditional dish that is prepared by the family and requires months of fermentation.

A beautiful meditation on how the kitchen and communal cooking - both past, present and future - bind a family together amidst the inevitable.