Two young Black girls stand back to back, arms crossed. The one in front has her hair in two pigtails, and is wearing a yellow top with a red stripe across it, as well as dark blue jeans. The other has some of her hair loose and some up in a bun. She wears a purple short-sleeved hoodie with blue jeans. Behind the two girls, a school noticeboard has posters saying 'Vote 4 Fran' and 'Vote For Maureen'.

Twins GN

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Maureen and Francine Carter are twins and best friends. They participate in the same clubs, enjoy the same foods, and are partners on all their school projects.

But just before the girls start sixth grade, Francine becomes Fran, a girl who wants to join the chorus, run for class president, and dress in fashionable outfits that set her apart from Maureen. A girl who seems happy to share only two classes with her sister!

Maureen and Francine are growing apart and there's nothing Maureen can do to stop it. Are sisters really forever?