A ginger-haired boy with glasses lies on the floor, clutching a stack of papers. Above him, another boy with cropped dark hair curls around him in a relaxed position, one arm rested beneath his head and one arm reaching out to play with the ginger boy's hair.

This Wonderful Season With You GN

  • £13.99

An all-new boys love by the creator of Dekoboko Sugar Days!  

Enoki is practically the poster-boy for what a typical nerd looks like: short and slight, complete with big round glasses and social awkwardness. His main hobby is playing video games, and he's used to not having many friends at school.

Then, he meets Shirataki, a former member of the baseball club and his exact opposite; tall, muscular and sporty. Despite their many differences, the spark of friendship between the two boys begins to grow into something more...