Three adventurers make their way through a stone passage filled with piles of treasure and skulls. At the front is a green-skinned wizard in a pointy hat and cape, holding a wand in one hand and a bubbling green potion in the other. Behind them is an angry archer wearing a black shirt with a skull on it, and a pink cape and accessories. Leaping above the other two is a wild-eyed fighter wielding a sword. They have shaggy blond hair and are wearing a thick fur cloak over mustard and red clothing.

The Wizerd And The Potion Of Dreams! GN

  • £13.99

Adventure awaits! A quest is coming! Excitement envelopes all! ...And it's disturbing a reclusive, young wizerd's peace and quiet!

A garden-tending wizerd is dragged into the adventuring life by a small warrior princess as they seek the ingredients of a wish-granting potion. (The warrior princess's wish? To get big and strong - and hunky! - really hunky!) Thanks to ransacking goblins, a too-noble knight, an evil wych, and the warrior's endless appetite, securing the potion ingredients won't be as quick or as simple as the wizerd had hoped!

The Wizerd and the Potion of Dreams packs humor, heart, and heaps of distractions into a fantasy adventure sure to please any adventurer out there.