A small red dragon and a small orange dragon brace against a flurry of snow as they trek across a mountain landscape. In the backgrond, a teal, bearded dragon and a smirking purple dragon with crooked horns and silver hair face each other in profile, with a smoking volcano between them.

The Dragon Kingdom Of Wrenly v.1: The Coldfire Curse GN

  • £8.99

As the pampered pet dragon of the Prince of Wrenly, Ruskin has never known life beyond the walls of the palace. Until the day a young dragon from Crestwood comes to the palace to plead for help. An evil curse has been unleashed in Crestwood and threatens to destroy all of Wrenly. Ruskin has a choice to make: stay safe at home in the palace, or try to help save his kingdom. For Ruskin, there is no choice. He knows he has to try and help if he can. The mission to reverse the curse is far more dangerous than anyone realizes; in fact, it's seemingly impossible. How far is Ruskin willing to go to save his kingdom?