A man with short brown hair, a green polo shirt, and glasses, closes his eyes with a fed up expression. A twenty-sided die rolls near his hand. Behind him in a pinkish tint are three characters: a grinning dwarf with a bushy white beard, a cackling blue-skinned elf with long blond hair, dressed in fancy clothes and a wizard hat, and a human man with bushy facial hair and leather armour who is nonchalantly leaning his arm against the wizard's shoulder.

The Adventure Zone GN v.1-3 Boxset

  • £49.99

Join our hero-adjacent sort-of-comrades in arms Taako the elf wizard, Merle the dwarf cleric, and Magnus the human fighter on a grand and grandly hilarious adventure through gerblin-infested mountain lairs; a locked-room murder mystery on a speeding train; and a rollicking round of battlewagon racing, the world's greatest high-stakes, low-legality sport!

This deluxe boxed set collects the first three volumes of the New York Times-bestselling Adventure Zone graphic novel series - plus an exclusive poster!