A fluffy ginger cat wearing an apron mixes a large bowlful of pink mixture atop a table. A black cat wearing a blue top leans over, watching intently. A white and orange cat in a green dress stands on top of the table, holding four blue speckled eggs ready. Also on the table are a mess of kitchen tools, strawberries, spilled flour and a cracked egg. In the background is a wall with lots of pictures of other animals wearing clothes, and a window overlooking some trees.

Spring Cakes HC

  • £13.99

It's springtime! Mama Cat is ready to bake her famous spring cakes, enchanted cupcakes heaped with sparkling frosting. Can kittens Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Ginger find all the magical ingredients she needs? The quest begins!

This imaginative and adventurous graphic reader comes from rising comics star Miranda Harmon, co-creator of Mayor Good Boy. I Like to Read Comics are created for kids just learning to read.