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Robin's Nest Comics

Skin & Earth TP

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The full collection of Lights' masterwork is here! Based on Lights album of the same name, Skin&Earth is a story of a girl looking for hope in a hopeless world. Caught between romance and cults, gods and mortals, and just trying to find a good borscht, Enaia Jin is lead down a dark path by new lovers that reveals a twisted fantasy world and her own true nature. Set in a post-apocalyptic future ruled by the Tempest Corporation, the adventurous tale of loneliness, deceit and self-discovery that ties in with the 14-track corresponding album is compiled for the first time here with the complete comic book series and album in one epic interactive collected edition!
Written and drawn by alt-pop phenomenon Lights.
The collected edition includes:
*  All 6 issues of Skin&Earth comic book
* Interactive ShareCodes to access the full album, music videos and other bonus content
*  Links to exclusive merch
* Variant art from Jim Lee, Joby Harris, Derek Lewis, Gianna Rose and Matt Mitchell
* New bonus content
* Personal introduction from Lights

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