An androgynous child with light skin and chinlength lilac hair looks nervously around a forest at night. They are wearing a white t-shirt and beige cargo shorts. Beside them are a Black girl in a white and blue hoodie, her arms wrapped protectively around herself, and a white girl with blonde hair in a ponytail. She is wearing a pink hoodie. There is a hand holding a lantern approaching the children. The light illuminates a terrified stone garden gnome at the base of a tree.

Secrets Of Camp Whatever GN

  • £15.99

Eleven-year-old Willow doesn't want to go to her dad's weird old summer camp any more than she wants her family to move to the weird old town where that camp is located. But her family-and fate itself-seem to have plans of their own. Soon, Willow finds herself neck-deep in a confounding mystery involving stolen snacks, suspected vampires, and missing campers, all shrouded in the sinister fog that hides a generation of secrets at Camp...whatever it's called.