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Robin's Nest Comics

Rumic Theatre v.1 (DAMAGED)

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There are six stories included in this volume. Without spoilers, here are some of the details:

Chapter One: The Tragedy of P

This is a sweet tale of a family caught in an unintentional dilemma by the strict rules governing their apartment block and by the unfriendly leader of the neighbourhood association.

Chapter Two: The Merchant of Romance

A young woman has inherited the running of a traditional wedding hall and this story is about her personal struggles to keep it going.

Chapter Three: The House of Garbage

A family tale of more rule-breaking residents, this time to the annoyance of a housewife trying to stop mysterious boxes of junk appearing in front of her house.

Chapter Four: Hidden In The Pottery

This is a moving story about a young widow, the damaging power of gossip and a broken family relationship.

Chapter Five: One Hundred Years of Love

A quirky and funny tale of romance, memories and a little old lady who zooms through the sky on her hospital crutch!

Chapter Six: Extra-Large Size Happiness

This story has a supernatural element as family frictions build up between a young woman and her mother-in-law when they try to live together.