An elderly man with white hair and large round glasses crouches in a field of plants, his naked body covered in extensive tattoos in shades of orange, pink and teal. Some are plantlike, others geometric shapes, and others still buildings and staircases. In front of the man, half a papaya rests on the ground.

Papaya Salad HC GN

  • £22.99

The debut graphic novel from Thai-Italian illustrator Elisa Macellari, Papaya Salad tells the story of her great-uncle Sompong who found himself in Europe on military scholarship on the eve of World War II. A gentle and resolute man in love with books and languages, in search of his place in the world, Sompong chronicles his life during the war and falling for his wife, finding humor and joy even as the world changes irrevocably around him.  

* This 232-page tale tells the human story of the War, from a perspective not typically seen.