A girl is seen from behind as she walks along a darkened street, lit by streetlights. The yellow lights of a city can be seen in the background. The girl has dark hair, and is wearing a pink rucksack over a polo shirt and dark kneelength skirt.

Nineteen GN

  • £19.99

At nineteen, the idea that you have your whole life ahead of you with endless possibilities can leave you terrifyingly stiff.

Autobiography blends with fiction in these coming-of-age stories about people reckoning with their place in their community and women coming to terms with other women.

A boy living with HIV tries to decide how he's going to tell his parents-or whether he should tell them at all. A mother puts pressure on her daughter to pass her exams, and the stress of it all drives them both to drink, fueling a toxic relationship with a lot of care just below the ugly surface. Another girl keeps getting bruises, but who's inflicting the damage - herself or a loved one?

Ancco expertly renders the moment of suspension between the desire to grow up and the fear that accompanies it.