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Netrunner System Crash: Draft Pack

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Dial the tension of Android: Netrunner up to eleven with System Crash , the third pool of cards for Android: Netrunner Draft Play! System Crash Draft Starters, Corp Draft Packs, and Runner Draft Packs for Android: Netrunner Draft Play are now available!

Consisting of 199 randomized cards collated from across the whole network of Android: Netrunner products, System Crash incorporates more than forty cards downloaded from the upcoming Order and Chaos deluxe expansion and SanSan Cycle . When you play System Crash drafts, you’ll be able to add these cards to your rig or HQ before they’re even released in standard LCG® products!

In addition to providing fans some sneak peeks at upcoming cards, System Crash introduces new draft play challenges for both Corps and Runners. Your servers are more porous, your rigs are less stable, and every run can result in disaster for one side or the other. Flooded with destructive effects, the System Crash card pool is all about bluffing, timing, and tension. You need to keep your opponent under pressure, but can you afford to keep pressing?

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