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Robin's Nest Comics

Muffin Time

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Muffin Time is a chaotic card game for teens and adults with more twists and turns than you can shake a spork at! Battle your friends, family, and hyper-intelligent pets by drawing and playing from a deck of unique cards that’ll either help you, thwart others, or mix things up for the sheer fun of it!

The aim of the game is to start your turn with exactly 10 cards in your hand. At the very start of your turn, you can play one Trap Card from your hand (if you want).
It goes face-down in front of you, and sits there menacingly until a player activates it.
As soon as this happens, flip it over, read it out loud, and stop everything while the guilty player faces the consequences. Now you have two choices: draw one card from the deck or play one Action Card from your hand.
These cards will usually help you gain cards or upset the other players. Sometimes both! If something happens and you’re unhappy about it, you can whip out a Counter Card and stop another player in their tracks. You can play these whenever you like, even when it’s not your turn.

Once you’ve got exactly ten cards in your hand, shout “It’s Muffin Time!”. If you manage to survive and start your next turn with exactly 10 cards in your hand, then congratulations – you’ve won! If you liked Exploding Kittens or Unstable Unicorns you’ll love Big Potato’s new 2020 party board game for teens.

This amazing Card game for teens and adults is for ages 13+ and is suitable for 2 to 4 players.