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Robin's Nest Comics

Mongrel GN

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Bee and Puppycat meets Chainsaw Man - Mongrel is the age-old story of a girl and her dog--except, in this case, the "dog" is an actual demon dog and the girl? Well, she's kinda mostly normal.

Restless 14 year old Mardi struggles with her identity and interests in the face of her mother's strict rules; however, after a chance encounter with a strange dog, Mardi's world gets turned on its head with the revelation that magic is, in fact, real.

Now put on the spot, Mardi and her new found pup must fend off a group of strange infernal monsters. After seeking some help, Mardi is forced to confront her mom with these new found revelations. Like...MAGIC IS TOTALLY REAL?! And what about this weird little dog?