The Scarlet witch, a woman with curly brunette hair to her shoulders and dressed in a red and pink bodysuit with gloves and an M-shaped tiara that frames her face, conjures sparkles in her hands. Behind her, the Vision, dressed in a green and yellow bodysuit with a high-collared cape, stands with his fist clenched. The background is a collage of grey and white comic panels.

Marvel-Verse Wanda And Vision TP

  • £8.99

These two mighty Avengers shared one of the greatest romances in the entire Marvel-Verse! They are the synthezoid Vision and the reality-manipulating Scarlet Witch - and these are some of their most action-packed adventures!

First, the Vision is unleashed on the Avengers by his "father" - the evil android, Ultron! Vision's control of his density makes him a formidable opponent, but his inner nobility soon sees him turn on his inhuman creator!

Joining the team, Vision soon finds love with Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch - and their far-out wedding is one of the greatest Avengers stories ever told!

Wanda and Vision make one heck of a team - but even with Spider-Man by their side, can they defeat the dark sorcerer Necrodamus?


112 PGS./Ages 10 & Up