A dark-haired gentleman wearing a suit smiles across at a shorter, chubbier man in glasses, tie, dress shirt and pants. The shorter man scowls as he eats a hamburger.

Manly Appetites: Minigechi Loves Otsu v.1

  • £12.99

A delicious Boys' Love manga series about how opposites attract!

Minegishi is a handsome, friendly salaryman rising through the ranks at work. He does have one insatiable desire at the office: he loves to feed his grumpy co-worker, Otsu.

Otsu might be taking the food, but he's not taking the bait; he thinks Minegishi's coolness is a challenge, and refuses to be charmed like everyone else in the office!

But the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and Minegishi's attention might be reflecting a hunger for something more. Can he break through Otsu's hard shell?