A cube-shaped milk carton featuring a green cat standing on two legs and wearing sunglasses. It features the Lost Kitties logo and the catchphrase "who'z hidin inside?"

Lost Kitties Blind Box

  • £4.99

With a mind of their own and a personality like no other, this Lost Kitties Blind Box is packed full of fun! These infamous characters are known to be mischievous and love an adventure, known to always be found hiding in a carton - can you find who'z hidin inside? With a Lost Kitties figure, 2 accessories, and a soft shaping compound, it's a great indoor activity for the little ones.

Style and design may vary, item sent at random.


  • Lost Kitties Blind Box
  • Contains Playdoh
  • 1 Lost Kitties figure
  • 1 shaping compound
  • 2 accessories
  • Ideal party bag filler
  • Series 2