A brown-haired Japanese woman wearing a red apron over a striped top and slippers calls out after her two sons, holding out a lunchbag. Both boys are in school uniforms, but different ones. The middle schooler wears a sea blue and carries on walking as though he has not heard. The high schooler is messily dressed in a navy jacket, white shirt and grey trousers. He is blushing and holding a hand awkwardly to the back of his head, looking surprised and embarrassed.

I Think Our Son Is Gay v.1

  • £11.99

Mom Tomoko and her two beloved sons Hiroki and Yuri go about their everyday lives while their father works. But now that Hiroki's in his first year of high school, his thoughts are turning ever so slightly to sex and romance... and his mom can't help but notice his slips of the tongue when he's talking about who he likes.

Supportive Tomoko has an inkling Hiroki might be gay, but she's going to let him figure it out for himself. Unfortunately, Hiroki has little talent for keeping his "secret," so he might die of embarrassment before all is said and done in this hilarious and heartwarming LGBTQIA+ friendly family comedy!