A young man with fluffy brown hair in an undercut stands in a black undershirt, grinning as he holds a fencing sword in front of him. To his right, a dark-haired young man with a stern face stands stiffly, epee at his side. Behind them, a youth with shoulderlength blond hair has his fencing costume open to reveal a bare chest. He is winking with his arm around another fencer, a Black young man with his arms folded.

Fence: Striking Distance SC (Novel)

  • £11.99

The boys of Kings Row bout with drama, rivalry, and romance in this original YA novel by New York Times-bestselling author Sarah Rees Brennan, based on the comic published by BOOM! Studios.

Sixteen-year-old Nicholas Cox is the illegitimate son of a retired fencing champion who dreams of getting the proper training he could never afford. After earning a place on the elite Kings Row fencing team, Nicholas must prove himself to his rival, Seiji Katayma, and navigate the clashes, friendships, and relationships between his teammates on the road to state championships.

It takes a shoplifting scandal, a couple of moonlit forest strolls, several hilariously bad dates, and a whole lot of introspection for the team to realize they are stronger together than they could ever be apart.