A woman with short curly blond hair holds up a dessert cone in one hand, clutching a variety of shopping bags in her other. She is dressed in a flowy white dress, and has white wings sprouting from her back. Behind her, a dark-haired woman with red devil wings and tail crouches o top of a stool, eating a strawberry.

Eniale & Dewiala v.1

  • £11.99

When Eniale the coy angel and Dewiela the serious devil get into frivolous spats, the whole world gets caught up in their antics! Whether it's wrecking New York in a bid to nab some famous cosmetics, getting into a car chase in Paris over a clothing quarrel, or sinking Tokyo thanks to a zombie outbreak, it's the advent of an otherworldly duo who are both beautiful and obnoxious!

For readers ages 13 and up.