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Robin's Nest Comics

DV8: Neighborhood Threat TP

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From red-hot creator Warren Ellis and fan-favourite artist Humberto Ramos comes a story of a superteam with a serious difference: they're not exactly the 'good' guys...

Meet Threshold, Evo, Sublime, Bliss, Powerhaus and Copycat - products of the same programme which produced the Gen 13 kids (who can be seen in Superman/Gen 13), and under the combined mentorship of the beautiful, evil Ivana Baiul and the barking mad Sideways Bob.

Super-powered, super-cool, holed up in luxury apartments in a run-down part of New York City, they're entering a world they think they can understand...but do any of them truly realise what they've gotten into?

Product Attributes: Genre: Superhero, Publisher: Other