A group of adventurers - a Black half-elf with cornrows, a dwarf with curly ginger hair, an androgynous fighter wearing a croptop and a large sword, and a grumpy elf with pale skin and long green hair - walk through the streets of a desert town. A dove falters in the sky above them, its eye spurting red as though shot.

Dungeons On A Dime SC

  • £9.99

A Wizard craving recognition, a Thief in hot water, and Bandit lord with everything to prove.

In the Red is an adventure where nothing is as it first seems. You will explore the tangled mess the theft of an enchanted gem can cause across a whole city in this first Quest from Dungeons on a Dime.

Dungeons on a Dime (DOAD) is designed to make roleplaying games accessible to first time players and game masters with short 2-3 hour campaigns. Inside this book are all the tools and tips you need to teach yourself how to run your first adventure!

Focusing on roleplay over rules, Dungeons on a Dime contains some references to Wizards of the Coast's extremely popular Dungeons and Dragons.