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Robin's Nest Comics

Colour Brain

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Involve the whole family in this wonderful card game that will test your colour knowledge on the most well-known brands.

Start by splitting everyone up into teams, hand each team a set of eleven colour cards and one random colour capture Card. Place the deck of Question Cards in the middle of the table.

Each question is answered by one (or more) of the colours in your hand. For example: “What colour is the lid on a marmite jar?”

Each team places their colours in the middle, face-down. When everyone is ready, they show everyone which colours they have chosen, then flip the Question Card to reveal the answer.

If a team gets the answer right, they only win points if at least one of the other teams got it wrong. That means if everyone gets it right, nobody gets any points!

Return the Colour Cards back to your hand and take on a new Question Card. The first team to reach ten points, wins!