An orange cartoon cat wearing a mask and cape wields a variety of art materials in their hands. They stand on a grassy mound with a bright blue sky behind them. A robotic fish with pincers and a snake with long eyelashes float in the background, looking hand-drawn.

Cat Kid Comic Club HC

  • £10.99

A brand-new graphic novel series by Dav Pilkey, the internationally bestselling author and illustrator of the Dog Man and Captain Underpants series.

Welcome to the Cat Kid Comic Club, where Li'l Petey (LP), Flippy, and Molly introduce twenty-one rambunctious, funny, and talented baby frogs to the art of comic making. As the story unwinds with mishaps and hilarity, readers get to see the progress, mistakes, and improvements that come with practice and persistence. 

Squid Kid and KatydidBaby Frog SquadGorilla Cheese Sandwich, and Birds Flowers Tree: A Haiku Photo Comic are just some of the mini-comics that are included as stories-within-the-story, each done in a different style, utilizing humor and drama, prose and poetry, illustrated in different media including acrylics, pastels, colored pencils, felt-tip markers, clay, hand-made cardboard sculptures, photographs, pipe cleaners, construction paper collages, and cookies.