Two girls dance awkwardly together. One, with dark hair and dressed in jeans and a pink top, grins as she throws up a peace sign with her free hand. The other girl has long light brown hair, and wears a flowy sage green dress, dark leggings, and a white jacket. She blushes furiously, anxiously clutching at the dark-haired girl.

Alter Ego GN

  • £11.99

Noel has always been in love with her best friend Elena, but she's never been able to find the courage to confess her feelings. Then, when her friend starts dating a boy, Noel's world collapses as she sees her chance at love slipping away.

One night, in a moment of desperation, Noel ends up confessing her feelings for Elena to a complete stranger. But as fate would have it, this stranger turns out to be a girl named June, Elena's other best friend... and Noel's rival in love!

Worst of all, now June knows Noel's secret. With everything suddenly going wrong, how can Noel ever win the girl of her dreams?

The heart-pounding romantic drama by breakout Spanish artist Ana C. Sánchez!