Four stylised plush keychains that are almost spherical: a grey cat wearing a white cactus suit with green spikes, a brown and beige dog wearing a yellow cactus suit with orange spikes, a light pink dog wearing a pink cactus suit with dark pink spikes, and a brown dog wearing a red cactus suit with red spikes.

Tokidoki Cactus Friends Plush Clip-On Collectible Blind Bag

  • £3.99

These adorable 4.5" key clips are part of Tokidoki's new Cactus Friends character range! Each blind bag contains 1 of 4 adorable Cactus Friends characters.

The cactus is a sign of protection. Kids are naive and vulnerable and need protection. SANDy and her friends zip themselves into cactus suits because they think the world is a cold and scary place, and they need some armour to face it. The cactus is the conserver of water, and water means life.

The Cactus Friends are the representation of life, of being fragile and strong at the same time...and pure like water. 

These make a great gift for anyone who is a fan of the tokidoki Cactus Friends range. Once you have one, you'll want to collect them all!