Three light-skinned boys sit wearing school uniforms - a dark-haired boy with a loose tie, a brown-haired boy wearing a light blue hoodie over his and looking bored, and a smiling blond boy with his top shirt button undone.

Those Not So Sweet Boys v.1

  • £9.99

From the creator of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! and Love in Focus comes a story of a hard-working high schooler who falls for a bad boy, and discovers that the the lives of him and his friends are nothing like what she imagined. Don't miss Yoko Nogiri's newest shojo hit!

Midori is a high-schooler with a part-time job at a café-bar. Unfortunately, her job's against the rules at her school, and when the principal finds out, he makes her a deal: Convince three boys who've stopped coming to school to return, and her transgression will be overlooked.

Now, she needs to find a way into the lives of these not-so-sweet of whom just happens to be her crush!