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Robin's Nest Comics

The Very Merry Christmas Game

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Presents, crackers, festive songs and sprouts...
All the fun of Christmas in one box!
Compete to grab the most lavish set of presents for your stocking.
The perfect family festive board game for Christmas
For ages 8 to adult

In the game you travel around the board trying to collect the "best present cards" which are represented by a star rating, the more there are of stars, the better the present. But watch out there are a pair of pesky Brussel Sprouts hiding in the deck - have 1 of them at the end of the game and you will instantly lose, but get a pair and you will instantly win at the end of the game.

As you land on spaces you'll be able to do different actions which include; sneaking a peak at another player's present cards, swapping your present cards with another player, gaining a present from the central present card deck or if you land and win on "pull a cracker" you can select a new card from the central deck and choose whether you keep it or pass it on to another player, which can be helpful when you've picked a bad present card or are looking to get rid of a pesky Brussel Sprout card. When everyone's card slots are filled the game ends and each player reveals their present haul.

The game is definitely one to get you into the festive spirit as you may land on a challenge to sing a Christmas song or wear the Christmas crown, but don't worry you can introduce some house rules if bursting into song isn't your thing.