A group of teens stand in the forest, a faintly glowing tower in the distance behind them. A Black girl with cornrows in a ponytail leads the way, holding a glowing amulet. To her left are a girl with chinlength brown hair, and a blond boy sketching on a notepad. To the right are an Asian boy with glasses who is pointing off frame, and a tan-skinned boy holding a map. The group are framed by trees, and glowing flowers are just visible in frame.

The Pathfinders Society v.2: The Mystery Of The Moon Tower GN

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Kyle is a new kid in town who likes to draw. Vic is a cool cheerleader who's secretly a math whiz. Quiet Beth is a history buff, while goofball Harry likes performing magic tricks, with the help of his patient wingman, Nate. Five kids unlikely to form a team, for sure.

But then they're thrown together at summer camp, where they watch a grainy old movie about the history of their town, Windrose, and one of its illustrious citizens of a bygone era: the intrepid explorer-inventor Henry Merriweather.

Deciphering a route of historical markers leads them to Merriweather's old castle, which is lined with ornate, beautiful tiles in hallways that lead to secret rooms where time itself is warped!