A person with shoulderlength blond hair stands at the mouth of a dark cave, wearing a heavy red coat and with a sword strapped to their back. They are holding a burning torch aloft. The scenery around them is full of trees, and snow is falling gently.

The Flower Of The Witch GN

  • £13.99

Tami has traveled long and far from his home in the south, forbidden to return until he has become a man, in this coming-of-age story.

Defeating monsters and saving princesses has not been enough, and now he must find the fabled flower of the witch.

But in his quest Tami inadvertently sparks a feud between the villagers who shelter him and the demon Yabra!

And when the conflict comes to a head, Tami will have to choose between proving himself as a man, and protecting the villagers he's come to love.